Srodziemnomorska str. 11/4, 02-758 Warsaw, Poland
Recepcion: +48 516 143 101, +48 513 334 198

Eryka & Igor are truly healers

After a very frustrating and unhelpful experience with the medical community regarding my extremely painful and increasingly debilitating health experience (where they were completely unable to diagnose, let alone heal, my situation), Eryka and Igor were able to detect what was happening in my body.  I saw them every other day throughout the month of December.  During that month of treatment my symptoms peaked.  Following their treatments my health began to return.  Throughout the treatment and beyond, they have lovingly and professionally provided their care, support, and guidance to me, with their unique diagnostic and curative device, and nutritional counseling.

I will seek treatment with them again when needed, and hope to meet with them when they return to my area.  I have recommended, and continue to recommend, their service to friends and anyone seeking health.