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Everything in the world is energy

The world consists of energy and information.

Einstein, after reflecting for a while about the structure of the world, once said: “This field is the only reality existing in the Universe “

According to the concepts of modern physics, everything is materialized out of emptiness. This void is called “quantum field”, “zero field” or “matrix”. Void contains energy that can turn into the matter.

In other words, the matter consists of concentrated energy.

Conclusion: our body is the field of energy, information and mind which is constantly in the state of permanent dynamic exchange with environment.

Therefore, all material substances which are used traditionally to “restore” our body can be replaced with much pure and effective analogues such as light, sound, electromagnetic field.

These analogues offer multiple benefits:

  • Complete (100%) digestibility
  • The possibility of influence at any level: from atomic to organ
  • Easy to measure and dosing