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How it works

To determine the causes of your dysfunctions and find pathological correlations, we use a manual test.

This test allows us to get the most complete data about the processes taking place in the body. We using practical experience and sensitivity as well as our intuition when we work with your body.

This way we define the causes of your dysfunction step by step.

Quanton method differs greatly from other existing ones.  It has scientific novelty and it is patented and copyright protected.

The Memory of the device contains electronics copies of all organs and tissues of the human body as well as the ones of many pathological microorganisms, which can be found in your body.

Besides, this is our Know How.  We use the human body as a biosensor to get an individual information about the processes that take place in it.

We use semantic markers for this purpose. We write questions and then put them on your hand one by one.

The human body produces a reaction.  In this case, skin resistance changes. These changes are measured by our device.

This way we get direct answers from Your organism about the real reasons for its problems.

After finding the reasons of your dysfunctions, we look for the frequencies to remove them.

It is our second and the most important Know How.  Our innovation method lets us implement therapeutic programs on a very deep sub-cellular level.

When all necessary frequencies are found, we program our device accordingly and give it to You for further treatment.

You will carry this device on during the treatment with electrodes connected to your body.

The device produces a very small amount of electric current. Consequently, you will feel absolutely comfortable with it. This is totally safe for people to use.

In some rare cases, the patient might have some sensations like slight tingling, itch, and slight pain. These sensations don’t last for a long time, just some 10-15 minutes, it is because a latent pathology is being treated. Don’t worry, it is all in the normal range!

This device will not affect your active life at all. You will live and act as always, without any restrictions. You will get the treatment using this device when you walk, sit, sleep, work with computer, drive, etc.

Duration of one session is from 3 up to 18 hours. It depends on individual needs. Usually, two sessions are needed for one program.

After the second session we meet again and we continue working with Your problems, we define new frequencies for it.

Usually, it takes us 1-2 weeks to remove a superficial pathology (for ex. inflammation, allergy, headache, abdominal pain).

The patient has to carry the device on the body during all the period of the treatment.

If your pathological process is very deep and old, it will can require several two-week’s meetings with 2-4 months breaks.