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I had a depleted immune system and a breast cancer

In December of 2018, I went to see Igor and Eryka for therapeutic support as I had a depleted immune system from years of working long hours at a demanding job while simultaneously caring for my senior parents in their last years. Specifically, a breast cancer from 20 years ago had metastasized to my left lung and was not diagnosed for numerous years.  I had multiple symptoms from the tumor including inflammation and burning, pain and diminished breath. By the time I saw them, I had also lost both of my parents’ and had anxiety from the sudden loss of family. My nervous system was overloaded and I had tingling in my face, head and back. My heartbeat was irregular and I had inflammation in my heart. My sleep was disturbed in the middle of the night with wakefulness that lasted for a couple hours.

All of my symptoms related to the my sleep, my heart, my nervous system and the inflammation in my lungs went away during the treatment and have not returned. My tumor has begun to shrink and my breath stamina has increased.  I am most, most grateful! I will certainly see them again to continue my treatment for the tumor.

Igor and Eryka are very knowledgeable and gifted therapeutic healers. They are very loving, uplifting, and patient.  Igor and Eryka are very thorough in their explanations of conditions and treatments. They offered me productive suggestions for life style changes and valuable supplements for my conditions, which I could purchase anywhere. They were accessible in between treatment sessions. I highly recommend Igor and Eryka’s technical methods and their very warm interpersonal approach to medicine.

Jeanne Herrick
Pacific Grove, CA.

Eryka and Igor,
I got my CAT Scan results.
My tumor shrank forty percent!  I am SOOOOOO GRATEFUL! It boosts my confidence about my healing process.

Attached is the CT Scan report showing the reduction of over 50 percent. I am sooooo grateful.
In early January there was a chest X-ray that showed minimal change in the tumor. I have attached that report as well.
The significant change in size happened from mid-January to mid- July 2019. My last visit with the two of you was at the end of December 2018. I believe that your treatments jumped started my immune system to start working on dissolving the tumor.

The other pieces of treatment that I added in late January were:
– Weekly acupuncture
– Juicing of leafy green vegetables
– Use of an immune supplement called ImmPower which is sold by American BioSciences and is a combination of – Japanese mushrooms well researched in Japan for enhancing T-Cell and Macrophage activity

Jeannie Herrick
Pacific Grove, CA.