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Quanton Company invites to cooperate

We need cooperation with a group of very good specialists in the field of biophysics, biochemistry, bioelectronics and other fields for joint research.

The aim of the study is to develop a new and highly accurate diagnostic and therapeutic method based on a special bioprocessor to record subtle body responses to diagnostic information provided to it. This will allow you to assess which impact on the body is positive or negative.

We are convinced that it is possible to create an inexpensive personal device that can «read» the human body, find destructive changes, adjust the appropriate type of therapy, and move the body to the higher quantum level using internal reserves in accordance with all natural processes of cyclicality and synchronicity. With such an apparatus, the organism ceases to be diseased because the device will tune it to the necessary vibrations in accordance with the laws of nature.

Additionally, the implementation of the smartphone-based method will enable each person to quickly identify the cause of the disease and improve health to a minimum —  disease absence and maximum — total healing. This is especially important for people who often travel or live in places where there is no medical care.