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Set your brain on TV news and you will have no need to buy a TV-set to get the news

Since the matter consists of energy, it has some inherent energy characteristics such as frequency, amplitude, resonance, etc.

We live in the energy-information space, which consists of a huge number of frequencies: television, radio, special services, mobile communications, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth. And all the mentioned permeates through your body every second!

A certain signal of a technogenic field cannot influence the physiological processes in your body in a short time. It is because of its multi-frequency, rapidly changing and the one that doesn’t have a large force (except for the case when you are near the transmitting antenna).

But you can find a frequency that is beneficial for you through a dialogue with your body (using biofeedback). You can get absolutely controlled and predicted process if you influence the body for a long time (2-3 hours) with an electromagnetic signal with mono frequency and small amplitude (force). This process is aimed at eliminating pathological focus, infections, organ dysfunction, etc.