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Vlasenko Irina

For over 20 years I suffered from severe headaches.

I did a lot of examinations and consultations, diagnoses were various, but the same result – suffering was increasing with every year. Terrible migraine was accompanied by nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps so severe that prevented any intake of pills or drinking water.

These attacks took place mostly at night, so the early intake of a cure was impossible. Light, sound, music, loud talking, various smells, especially sharp and saturated caused unbearable suffering. Only strong painkillers brought a small relief. Migraine attacks lasted from one to two days; earlier they happened once every two months, but with time their number increased. Doctors prescribed various medications which did not bring any relief. I was told that the nature of migraine was not investigated thoroughly and there is no universal medicine. They promised that migraine attacks will cease after my 40thbirthday, but after that time they happened almost every week and were unbearable.

In order not to provoke headaches, I almost withdrew from an active part in life, I stopped traveling since long journeys led to fatigue and cruel pain. Welcoming doors of our home were rarely open to guests and friendly get-togethers because migraine attacks occurred mostly on weekends. During these attacks, family members were very quiet, did not listen to loud music, TV or use perfume. This disease turned cheerful, energetic and hospitable woman into a person who lost interest in life, and came to terms with the fact that these terrible headaches will haunt her until the last breath.

I was persuaded by my children to meet Mr. Igor. I honestly did not believe that this appointment could change the situation. Especially, that the night before the test I had another attack; I had to take painkillers and find the strength to travel to Kiev, (more than one hundred kilometers). After the first session, the result was amazing! I understand that it doesn’t sound credible, but that’s how it was! At first headaches disappeared and then nausea and weakness, which were always accompanying such attacks. Then, an extraordinary lightness came and an incredible sense of happiness. As we were going back home, I wanted to run, jump and sing all the time. I was listening to my feelings and still could not believe that I had no pain! For the first time in many years I could normally move at home without tiredness and sleep peacefully at night.

For many years I was sleeping from 3 to 4 hours and waking up with a constant headache. On the second day I went by bus to Kiev alone; for the first time in ten years, I went to another city without a companion. I didn’t have dizziness, weakness and fear that I will have a new headache. After three sessions I started to sleep calmly and firmly at night, dizziness almost disappeared, fatigue and headaches occurred infrequently and migraine attacks almost ceased. My interest in life returned, as well as desire to plan for the future and faith that this terrible pain that was ruining my life will never come back, but most importantly I started to believe that I have a chance to live happily instead of spending my time on the Earth as a punishment.

Vlasenko Irina,  Ukraine
September 2014