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Technology ahead of time


The method that decodes the signs of your organism
and provides it with everything it needs

If you want to get a good answer —
ask a question correctly.

You don’t know the reason of your pain,
do you? You have no idea how to cure it?
Ask your body …  and it will be pleased to answer you..

Always give only what you are asked for or what is needed..

Your body definitely knows its needs. Our task is to hear it and satisfy its needs.

Everything in the world is energy

Natural energy that restores the inner balance is the greatest need of human body.

Set your brain on TV news and you will have no need to buy a TV-set to get the news ))

Frequency resonance is required for any kind of interaction.

Don’t think about the disease! Do your favorite things and get treatment at the same time!

All you need is to put bracelets on your wrists and turn Quanton machine on. 

It is important to help your body to cure itself instead of medicating it!

Your body has innate abilities to self-regulation and restoring the health.

Your organism can cope with any disease.

Our method will help the body by speeding up the process.


Quanton — is a completely new approach developed by our team as a result of 10 years of practical work and positive experiences from over 3,000 customers who have no counterparts in the world in terms of efficiency, speed of action and no side effects.

Lyme disease

We have a very rich experience in the treatment of Lyme disease, even in the chronic and severe stage, in which the whole body hurts and is almost paralyzed. All cases have been completely cured and these people are happy to talk about it. They still cannot believe it and the world is now perceived by them completely differently.


Thanks to practical experience for 10 years, we have found the cause of migraine. Eliminating her completely gets rid patient of this disease, no matter how many years he was sick. Moreover, after treatment, people improve memory, concentration, responsiveness and well-being.

Quanton method is the innovative way to treat chronic conditions

International scientific and practical Conference
“GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.”
Russia, St. Petersburg, May 14 – 18, 2017

Igor Ogorodnyk
Center Aurana, Warsaw, Poland


Scientific work and Patents

QUANTON technology was developed over 14 years and brought to the highest level of efficiency at the AURANA rehabilitation center (Warsaw, Poland) in close collaboration with TRINITY POWER INCORPORATED (Texas, USA) and the International Academy of Sciences and Innovative Technologies (Kyiv, Ukraine). We have written 4 scientific articles, received 3 patents and a certificate for copyright protection.

Method effectiveness

Out of a total of more than 3,500 customers who used the Quanton method:

Improved overall

freed from unpleasant

Got a full recovery

Opinions of our customers

Don’t take our word for it — here’s what our clients say:

For over 20 years I suffered from severe headaches.

Vlasenko Irina

Ukraine, 09.2014


I had severe dizziness, weakness and Lyme disease.

Golec Maria

Biłgoraj, 18.03.2015


I had a depleted immune system and a breast cancer.

Jeanne Herrick

Pacific Grove, CA.


I got my CAT Scan results.
My tumor shrank forty percent!

Jeanne Herrick

Pacific Grove, CA.


Eryka & Igor are truly healers.


USA, 01.2019


У меня была проблема, имя которой — кластерные боли

Наталия Хатина

Ukraine, 08.2019


У моєї доньки хронічне
запалення носа.

Руслана Приходько

Ukraine, 28.08.2019


Сложно было поверить что такие быстрые результаты вобще возможны.


Ukraine, 02.05.2021


Na początku stycznia mój tata (90lat) zachorował na COVID.

Izabela Kuderska-Sliwa

Poland, 02.2022



National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»

Our method is actively used in different countries by our students who help us develop and improve it.

Quanton Company invites to cooperate